Our Services

We can cater for large events using our own staff and multiple machines to cope with large demand.

Battery powered quad bike hire for ages 3-7 operates at walking speed only.

We have four Kawasaki Ninja Quad bikes for hire at $25 each (only if you are also using us to provide the candyfloss).

Schools need to provide someone (preferably two people) to collect money and supervise- a roster is great.

Schools usually charge $2 for 5 min. Must be flat asphalt or concrete surface -not a big space - half a netball / tennis court is plenty.

We have cones to mark out a course -you need a desk, a float, and a stopwatch (most cell phones have a stopwatch function).

These are very appealing and popular - often there are rides for older children but not the little ies! Batteries last 2.5 to 3 hours.